2024 Industrial Chimney Checklist
That Will Minimize Your Repair Costs
McLean Chimney is your ultimate resource for minimizing repair costs and keeping
your industrial chimneys in top-notch condition. Download our “2024 Industrial
Chimney Checklist” brochure to minimize the need of expensive repairs
A Niche Service with Specialized Workers
In a niche industry, what we do is specialized and requires rigorous training. Every one of our professionals is fully
trained for industrial chimney inspection and are experts on every aspect of industrial chimney maintenance and repairs.
We will ensure your primary source of heating is maintained!
Who we are
Seasoned Professionals with Solid
McLean Chimney Co Ltd has gained the experience and work methodology that expands across a multitude of industrial chimney and smokestack maintenance and repair services. We work collaboratively with our customers, our crew and our consultants ensuring minimum downtime is achieved.
Years of Experience
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Kilometers Traveled Across Canada
We Take Care of Our Employees
McLean Chimney is committed to safety

Whether we are doing maintenance on an industrial chimney or carrying out another service, like demolition – safety always comes first.

We are proud to announce that McLean Chimney Co. Ltd. is COR certified – an official recognition from the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations that our Health and Safety Management system meets national standards. We are currently the only industrial chimney company that can claim to have that certification.

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