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Multiple chimneys at your facility? We have you covered.

Repairs at cement plants can be tricky. While concrete is well known for being a solid and durable material, rapid heating, water intrusion and internal pressure can create a thermal strain and help break down concrete over time. When that water reaches the rebar inside a cement stack wall, the surface of the structure can corrode. If pieces of concrete begin to flake and peel off, the embedded rebar can become exposed, which in turn will cause rusting and further deterioration. While this may not sound like much, failure to repair spalling concrete at the first sign of trouble can easily damage your stack’s long term viability. A rusted rebar will render your industrial chimney or smokestack vulnerable to failure or collapse, as it will not be enough to provide the essential structural strength needed for these structures.

Falling concrete can be deadly to human life and can cause significant damage to property and equipment in the area.

Spalling is one of the most common issues on the surface of industrial concrete chimneys, visible to the naked eye, but unseen internal problems can lurk as well that contribute to deterioration. This is why inspections are so crucially important. At McLean Chimney, our highly trained employee will do a thorough inspection and make recommendations from there.