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Birds are fun to watch. Not so much fun to clean up after, however.

It can cost businesses a lot of money to clean up after pest birds and to replace and repair the damage their droppings cause. There are many safe and humane ways to get rid of pest birds. One of the most effective means of deterring the birds is the use of bird netting.

Another reason to keep birds out of these areas is that the droppings are known to carry and transmit any of 60 known diseases. For instance, Feral Pigeons carry Ornithosis, which is comparable to viral pneumonia. Bird droppings and nesting materials contain mites and insects of all kinds. The threat of disease is one more reason why bird netting is needed.

Bird nettingĀ is very versatile and is made to endure harsh industrial environments. It is non-conductive, meaning it can be used around electrical systems and RF transmission systems without any interference.

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