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Birds are fun to watch. Not so much fun to clean up after, however.

If you already own an industrial brick chimney or smokestack, we don’t have to tell you what a nuisance pest birds can be. It can be very expensive to clean up after them. Their droppings can also cause damage, which would need replacing or repairing.

Droppings can also carry disease or viruses – we know of at least 60. For example, feral pigeons carry Ornithosis, comparable to viral pneumonia. Bird droppings and nesting materials can also contain mites and insects of all kinds.

If you are a bird lover, no need to fret. There are numerous ways to deter these birds that are both safe and humane, and one of those methods is the use of bird netting. Bird netting is both versatile and made to endure harsh environments. It is also non-conductive, meaning it can be used around electrical systems and RF transmission systems without any interference.

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