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McLean Chimney is a leader in brick industrial chimney repair and restoration within Canada.

If inspection of your industrial brick chimney has revealed a need for repairs, this must be acted on right away. Even if you consider the problems minor, these issues can quickly transform into very expensive repair costs, so it is prudent to act quickly. Things like shrinkage cracks, hairline crevices or liner deterioration can all affect the performance of your industrial chimney. Masonry and brick are bother susceptible to water damage, yet another reason inspections matter.

The methods we use to repair a brick chimney will vary depending on the cause of the problem, the extent of the damage or whatever deterioration is found in the structure. Our repair services include brick replacement, repointing, exterior concrete replacement, spalling repair, liner application, acid resistant Gunite application and more. The brick and mortar will be examined, as well as any steel retaining bands checked for deficiencies. The bottom line is, we use cost-effective solutions.

More Services Offered
McLean Chimney can help you maintain your industrial brick chimney, whether it is external deterioration of masonry as well as liner breakdown.