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The planning stages of a Demolition are often as critical as the execution.

Just as with Industrial chimney and smokestack repairs, industrial chimney and smokestack demolition is a delicate, dangerous task that must be handled with the utmost of care by highly specialized employees. At McLean Chimney, we not only meet that standard, we exceed it. We begin by drawing up a detailed demolition plan, in collaboration with our client and an engineer. The planning stage is important to determine safety and equipment needs. As we work in confined spaces, this is challenging.

The process itself often involves dismantling a chimney one piece at a time – the same way it was built. This is because there are problems involved with using explosives or heavy equipment to topple it over, namely the toxic dust being sent into the atmosphere as a result. Demolishing a brick chimney or smokestack is a job not without hazard, especially if not properly done. Luckily, our teams at McLean Chimney are up to the task, with decades of experience performing safe demolitions.

More Services Offered
Partial or full demolition of brick, concrete and steel stacks is just one of our industrial chimney services.