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It's dangerous not to have your industrial chimney inspected regularly.

As this industry is one of the most dangerous that exists, our employees are fully trained on safety measures. However even the best training in the world is not enough. If you have an industrial chimney or smokestack, it is up to you to make sure it is inspected regularly. Fire codes mandate it.

Industrial chimneys are vulnerable to stress from temperature, chemicals, precipitation, wind loading and seismic events. As these structures age the can easily develop hairline cracks. Any time a fire breaks out on an industrial chimney or smokestack it is fierce and can blow up in seconds from years of built-up scale or by-product. These fires can burn as high as 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit! Most are shocked to learn that they can even melt dampers, chimney caps or mortar! The smoke from these fires can be blown out of the chimney into plant areas with such intense force and pressure that anything in its path will be destroyed. This can include your facility and inventory!

The only way to avoid problems is with regular chimney cleaning and inspecting at frequent intervals. Inspections should be hands-on and conducted annually according to legislation. Once an inspection is complete, recommendations are made. At McLean Chimney, those recommendations are based on 40 years of experience.

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Regular inspections and maintenance of your industrial chimneys will prevent structural damage and structure fires.