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We inspect and install Lightning Protection Systems on new and existing chimneys.

It is well known that tall structures are vulnerable to lightning, and industrial chimneys and smokestacks definitely qualify as a tall structure. A lightning attack over the years is almost inevitable, and out of weather events, lightning is considered among the most lethal. Should lighting visit, not only can it strike your industrial chimney but any electrically-sensitive instruments or equipment. Worse, if your lightning protection system was improperly installed it can be more dangerous than no lightning protection at all.

McLean Chimney both inspects and installs lightning protection systems. We employ the NFPA 780 standard, designed for lightning protection systems, which include installation requirements to safeguard both people and property from fire risks. We reroute the electrical energy to a less destructive path to the ground.

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McLean Chimney Co Ltd will install lightning protection on either existing structures, chimneys or any new construction.