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McLean Chimney specializes in the installation of Gunite Refractory Linings for industrial chimneys.

Gunite refractory lining for chimney is designed to protect the inner walls of the chimney from the intense heat generated by the combustion process. This lining is made from a mixture of materials, including cement, water, sand, or other aggregates, that are sprayed onto the interior of the chimney using specialialized “gunite” process. Once applied, the gunite lining hardens and forms a durable, heat-resistant barrier that helps prevent damage to the chimney structure over time. This lining is particularly important for chimneys that are used to vent high-temperature combustion gases from boilers, furnaces, and other industrial processes.

Installing a gunite lining can extend the life of your chimney by adding to the structural integrity, increasing the durability of the chimney, enhanced insulation properties as well as improved safety as a deteriorated chimney can pose a safety risk such as the potential for structural collapse or the escape of harmful gases.

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McLean Chimney Co Ltd. offers Gunite Refractory services to all industrial facilities across Canada.